Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Starting 2010

Cheesy? Totally!! But that is the theme I'm sticking with this year...and I'm starting with our blog. (I'll try food, exercise and church stuff later in the year. Baby steps) I have all but given up on scrapbooking so I cant give up on this. Its the only proof that I DO love my family and we are totally awesome at everything and our lives are perfect. No screaming and swearing from mom over everything breaking in the rental house or credit cards getting declined. No tears over squashed dreams of the perfect house on the perfect lot or having constant middle aged zits on my face. Nope. Not on this blog. Just a blissful life at the DowDell house. Thats what I want my kids to remember and for all of you to think of me, so I better blog it or it wont be true. With that is a recap of our charmed and totally spritual life the past 15 months. Please be advised, you might wish you were part of our family when you get done browsing, or maybe just want to adopt my new slogan for yourself since you will be feeling a bit inadequate.

First, we had Christmas 2008:

I've decided that I am really good at "living in the moment", because I absolutely suck at remembering to take pictures. It has to be that I am so enjoying every minute of our bliss that documenting it takes a back seat right? RIGHT? Due to this gift I have, we have limited pics of our happiness we had at Christmas. Just know it totally kicked some A!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

One year!

OMG! My baby is one!  Cooper officially turned one on November 3rd, and I can't believe how old I am getting! Wait, this isn't about me. I can't believe how old he is already!  We celebrated/mourned with some family at our house for the occasion.  We had my mom's famous homemade chicken noodle soup, which I made this time, in some yummy bread bowls. My very talented sis-in-law made Cooper two, yes two, fabulous cakes! One was for Cooper to dive head first into, and the other was for the rest of us to dive head first into...which we all did! Cooper was so funny with his cake.  We have tried the traditional let-the-baby-go-to-town-on-a-cake-trick with each of our kids, but I gotta say Cooper "took the cake" Ha!  He was so funny with it and all the cousins, sitting around the table screaming every time he did anything remotely funny, made it even better!

Cooper's one year facts:
He is not quite walking yet, but is so close. 
He has four teeth, two up and two down. 
He is totally potty trained.
He loves to talk on/eat anyones cell phone.
His favorite babysitter is Makenna.
His favorite parent is Mom.
He doesn't speak much english yet, but he signs really well in spanish.
His favorite place to swim...toilets.

Seriously though, he has been a tremedous blessing to our family and everyone really loves him!  He has been the best baby to end with.  Not too its fun and we love him, but not too we aren't dying for another. (just yet anyway) I love his curly hair and his sweet smile, but most of all I love that he loves me! Not everyone around here does, so that's nice to have for the moment. Plus it helps that he's my twin if we were the same age.  Which really we're not THAT far apart?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween '08

We had a lot of fun this year on Halloween. The kids are off track over Halloween, but we got up early and got everyone ready to walk in the school parade anyway. What is Halloween without a school parade in your costume? After all that work, for a 10 min parade, we went to McDonalds for breakfast. So yummy! Nothing like a bacon, egg & cheese biscuit after a chaotic morning to sooth the nerves!

Dad showed up from work early, complete with paint brushes, paints and newspaper to carve the pumpkins. Does that sound just plain wrong to anyone else? "Carve", last time I looked, does not mean "to paint"? But that is what we did. We painted our pumpkins this year. What a lazy way to keep up tradition!! You know that saying "pick your battles"? This was one I picked to NOT battle. And really, the painted pumpkins didn't turn out as bad as I thought they would. We might actually mix in a paint party every few years. Who knows?

That night, we got all suited up...again. I even busted out an old witch hat to show some spirit and we headed out in the rain. This was the first year in a long time I went out with the family to trick-or-treat. It was so fun! Tyson, Cooper and I rode in the Rhino, and the kids jumped in and out when they wanted to take a break. We made it to a lot more houses that way, and we were sheltered from the rain. Sort of.

Football player

Woopie Cushion. (don't ask?)

Vampire girl

Minnie Mouse

Bat baby

After we had enough of that, we packed everyone up in the car and drove over to meet Travis and Rebecca (Ty's bro) at their house. Deron Williams (Utah Jazz point guard) lives close by and the kids wanted to trick-or-treat their house to get an up close glimpse of him. Unfortunately, he wasn't the one who answered. Dang. I guess that means we now have to go caroling there too?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Big Move!!

Well, it finally happened. We moved! We knew we were going to move since last November, but we just weren't sure when or where. It's actually a long and interesting story, with a few twists and turns in the middle. But the ending was very happy and even a blessing for not just us, but a few others as well. Ask me about it sometime if your really interested?

The house we left behind:

So on September 4th, with tears in our eyes, we packed up and left behind this beautiful house and great yard filled with lots of special memories! NOT! Ha Ha. Tyson and I are not sentimental people and so we actually packed up our stuff with sweat instead of tears and left behind a house, not a home and took our memories with us. It was a great house for us for 4 years and we always felt really lucky to have such a nice place to live, but it was time to turn the page. We were sad to leave the comforts of a big/fun ward, with some great friends, but we weren't going far.

After much thought and a little luck, we ended up just a mile away in a subdivision with a cul-de-sac on an acre! We are so thrilled, because we always said if we were to move, it would have to be to a cul-de-sac with a big yard. We are actually renting a home from a great couple who were called to be mission presidents in northern California for 3 years. And...we bought the acre lot directly behind the house we're renting, to build on in the next year or so. It couldn't have worked out better for our family! We get to live in the subdivision we are eventually building in, so we don't have to change that twice, and we are next door while the house is built, so it's easy to oversee the project. We are so excited!

The house we are renting:

Our lot next door:

Looking east. The house we're renting is in the middle of the picture.

View from the street.

Everyone has been so welcoming here, and there are lots of kids for our kids to play with. We even splurged and got some 4 wheelers for the kids so they could take advantage of the two acres we are calling home right now. (the lot we bought is just dirt, perfect for 4 wheeler trails.) I will be so excited when our house is all done and we can settle down for a long time, but for now, this is not a bad gig either.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First day of School

I cant figure out the collage thing so I have accepted it and now I'm moving on. I actually got as far as getting the collage done on flicker, but each picture I put in the thing got cut off somewhere. So I ended up with really cute pictures of people's bodies, but no heads? So frustrating!!

Anyway, we're going to skip ahead a few months and pretend like summer didn't really happen. (Wish I could do that with sixth grade when I had the mushroom haircut, and a retainer the size of those giant jawbreakers!) So, here for your enjoyment are the kids annual "first day of school" pictures. FYI- McKay and Makenna are heading off to 4th grade, Kate to 1st and Brooklyn is in her second year of preschool. Cooper is currently being home-schooled. I wanted to join the very small/mysterious, but oh so cool club of home school moms, so I am working with Cooper on his ABCs and also some Algebra when he's really focused!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Freddy the Whoodle

What is a whoodle you ask? Well, after much thought and consideration, (Tyson would prefer to call it obsession) I found the perfect dog for us. Freddy is a cross between a wheaton terrior (mom) and a mini poodle (dad). I found him on the internet, at a breeder in Missouri. The kids and I picked him up at the airport on June 25, when he was just 10 weeks old. He's now 5 months and just left us to go to a trainer to live for 4-6 weeks. Hopefully he comes back being able to speak english and using the toilet!!

Freddy has been a lot of fun. He has a cute personality and an even cuter face! Even the anti-dog (Tyson) seems to like him. Now that's sayin' somethin'!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Life comes at you fast!

I swear I just posted yesterday about the kids turning 9, and then today somehow McKay and Makenna are leaving for college and Cooper was baptised? Ok, maybe not quite that fast, but honestly, where has the time gone? I unintentionally took a blog hiatus, so I figured its time I get back in touch.

First, I'll take you way back to May 4th, Brooklyn's 4th birthday! She decided to have her (first official) kid party at Bouncin' Off the Walls. The great thing about that is they don't charge per child and so you don't really have a limit to how many kids you can invite. The bad thing is, you don't know how great limits can be. We invited way too many kids! It was fun for Brooklyn who made out better than two years of Christmas put together. However, not so good for the parents who got to supervise 20, 3 to 4 year olds on blow up slides and jumpers that are guarnteed to produce bodily injury! None the less, we managed to get some cute pictures amongst all the chaos!

Next we had Cooper turning 6 months. He's growing way too fast! Only the weeds in the yard can keep up!

That gets us almost through May. I am trying to learn how to do the picture collages and I will update more DowDell family happenings, as soon as I get that down. If anyone has any good suggestions, please feel free to share. BTW- The date at the top of this post is proof that I have tried to keep this blog thing up to date. I originally started this post in June, and three months later, I sorta finished it! Compared to some other projects I have going, like getting through my long list of "favors" I owe my cute hubby, that was fast!