Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Starting 2010

Cheesy? Totally!! But that is the theme I'm sticking with this year...and I'm starting with our blog. (I'll try food, exercise and church stuff later in the year. Baby steps) I have all but given up on scrapbooking so I cant give up on this. Its the only proof that I DO love my family and we are totally awesome at everything and our lives are perfect. No screaming and swearing from mom over everything breaking in the rental house or credit cards getting declined. No tears over squashed dreams of the perfect house on the perfect lot or having constant middle aged zits on my face. Nope. Not on this blog. Just a blissful life at the DowDell house. Thats what I want my kids to remember and for all of you to think of me, so I better blog it or it wont be true. With that is a recap of our charmed and totally spritual life the past 15 months. Please be advised, you might wish you were part of our family when you get done browsing, or maybe just want to adopt my new slogan for yourself since you will be feeling a bit inadequate.

First, we had Christmas 2008:

I've decided that I am really good at "living in the moment", because I absolutely suck at remembering to take pictures. It has to be that I am so enjoying every minute of our bliss that documenting it takes a back seat right? RIGHT? Due to this gift I have, we have limited pics of our happiness we had at Christmas. Just know it totally kicked some A!!


Noel said...

Are you waiting to post more when you see people actually read?? I will comment lots more if you will post more!! Love ya!